6 Secrets to being visible at any age

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Do you feel like no-one sees you any more, like you’ve become irrelevant? Or perhaps the pandemic has made you feel like you’ve faded into the background? In this article, Lou Lou Storey, founder of The Styling Storey, shares her 6 secrets to being visible at any age, and the truth on how to reclaim yourself through style.


Do you hide behind your kids, being too busy, your intellect, your sustainable values, your feminism?

I have come into contact with a myriad of reasons that make women feel invisible. What’s yours?

My name is Loulou Storey and I am a Style Coach who empowers women to get dressed with confidence and to become visible once again. I use my 20yrs in the industry, my own identity crisis and my passion for a strong mindset to help women re-discover themselves at any age.

I’m going to share the truths around how we lose our sense of style and how we become invisible, and then give you the secrets so you can come out into the light once again.

TRUTH 1: At some point you might have a period of feeling invisible. You are not alone in experiencing this.

For me it was after having my daughter, suffering from postnatal depression and anxiety, the weight that I put on and the shame I had for my body. The confusion I felt when I looked in the mirror and I didn’t recognise my reflection, ‘who is this woman in front of me’?? This change sparked a real loss of my identity.

For others it can be the loss of a spouse or job but or something more gradual, like coming out of a divorce, stepping into a new career, going through the menopause or just simply growing older.

It can also be long term, learning as a child to be invisible and small, perhaps learning that appearance was superficial and not to be considered.What’s it for you??

TRUTH 2: If we’re not regularly checking in with who we are (and who we are becoming), our wardrobes won’t come along for the ride – and we’ll wake up feeling dated and out of touch.

As we age, we evolve and goodness this is what we want. We want to change, but not changing our clothes or getting clear on who we are becoming could really impact your success in life, your relationship with others, and your belief in yourself.

The challenge is that we all need to get dressed. For many of you reading this, you lead an ambitious professional life and your appearance and your own personal brand matters. Your clothes and your appearance speak about you first, and will give an insight into how you look after other aspects of your life (regardless of the truth in that!).

It is also about the message that you are sending to yourself when you look in the mirror. Are you making the right impression to yourself to have the confidence to step out and step up?

So, are you ready to remove your invisibility cloak?

Here are the style insider secrets you need to re-emerge into the light again.

{NB: I have used all these secrets on myself and my clients. They have helped me build a business that allowed me to travel the world with my clients, consult for some of the largest retailers in the country, appear on TV and radio and to successfully run online courses in my method which has helped over 60 women transform their style and confidence. This stuff works!}

6 secrets to being visible at any age


Secret no 1 :

You can go bolder as you age. Now I’m not talking about styling you all as Iris Apfel, as inspiring as she is! I’m talking about upping the quality of our current clothes, or choosing a combination of colours that really brings your skin to life.

Perhaps adding in a touch of relaxed tailoring so that our outfit is more pulled together. Bolder looks on younger women can often feel jarring whereas a more mature energy can carry it off. Basically getting you out of jeans and a t-shirt!

Here are 6 tips to inspire you out of your jeans and t-shirt:

  • Try head to toe one colour
  • Wear a skirt rather than jeans
  • Wear a bolder blouse
  • Add a necklace to frame your face
  • Co-ordinate your jacket & Accessories
  • Add a playful touch to a classic pairing

Secret no 2 :

You do not have to choose practicality over style. ‘I live a very practical life and being stylish can’t mix with that’ is something I hear a lot, but some of my most powerful transformations have been with clients who have successfully merged the two into their life.

Find the feel good factor of introducing new colour, or wearing those special earrings everyday or investing in practical but fun clothing.

Here are 3 Brands  who could help you do both:

Insane in the Rain

Cos Stores

Esska Shoes 

Secret no 3 :

Stop dressing for others, do it for you. If the pandemic has taught us one thing, the way that we live our life has to fundamentally keep ourselves safe and happy first before we can go out and contribute to society. Getting dressed is a self-care tool and starting your day in an outfit that makes you feel good will allow you to truly give to others.

Secret no 4 :

Dress up your comfortable clothes. Often we hide away in baggy jumpers and clothes that are tent-like. I don’t encourage my clients to walk away from comfort completely, it’s important to be comfortable in what you wear but by adding in a great jacket, piece of jewellery or a trouser that gives a more elegant feel you’ll immediately showcase who you are with more confidence.

Secret no 5 :

Edit your wardrobe; put it in colour order and start making your wardrobe an inspiration to dress from. There is nothing like clearing out the old and re-organising the present to make you feel in control and re-inspired with what’s in your current wardrobe. Just by organising your wardrobe from light to dark you will find items in there that you had forgotten about. You’ll also make room for the person you are becoming!

Secret no 6 (and perhaps the most important) :

Be true to yourself and give yourself the permission to focus on this.  Find your personal style, discover who you are and celebrate that. Your colourings, your tastes, your values, your experiences are all unique to you. Give yourself permission to get inquisitive, work out the colours you are drawn to, the shapes that flatter, the brands that excite you and dedicate some time to re-engaging with what works for you and only you!

We are living in a world where we can flourish and reinvent ourselves at any age but many don’t realise that that is a possibility, continuing to stay jaded and faded. Come join me and let’s lead the way in making women an even more visible part of society.

You have something to say, something to contribute and your clothes can do the talking for you, so allow yourself to be seen, give yourself permission to find out who you really have become. I can’t wait to meet you, you’ve been hidden too long

If you need my help in emerging into the light once again, to feel bloody amazing and to look like the best version of you, then get in touch! 



More about Lou Lou Storey

The Styling Storey helps you get dressed everyday with confidence! If you feel stuck and invisible and wondering where your sense of style has gone then Lou Lou will guide you through a very holistic process that puts you and developing your sense of taste and style front and centre.


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