9 Reasons to Try Yoga

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9 reasons to try yoga. It’s not always easy to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. If the thought of entering a room full of strangers in your lycra puts you right off, then read on… we’re going to give you the 9 reasons you should think about giving yoga a try.

Every class, teacher, and student (thats you) is unique, and your experience will be too, but nearly all of them will agree on the reasons to take up yoga, so lets run through them here.


9 reasons to try Yoga


1. Yoga is for Everyone

It doesn’t matter how ‘good’ you are Yoga is for all body types and levels, and you work to your own level. One of the great things about yoga is that it’s called a ‘practise’ – and this can be a revelation. It doesn’t matter how confident you are with you body shape or flexibility, you’re encouraged to practise to the level you’re at. No-one’s going to expect you to be doing headstands on day one. Over time, as you get confident with the postures, you’ll see (and feel) your own progress, and that’s what counts. Even yoga experts and long-time teachers are continually improving, growing and learning more about themselves every time they practise.

2. Yoga helps with Stress Relief

By encouraging total body and mind relaxation, yoga helps to lower the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, in the body. The deep breathing, that is part of the practise of yoga, has been proven to have a beneficial physiologically impact on the heart, brain, digestion, and immune system.

3. Yoga Helps you Sleep Better

And quite simply, when we’re less stressed, we sleep better, and when we sleep better we are less stressed – it’s a virtuous circle. A number of studies have shown that yoga can improve sleep both the quality and quantity in people struggling with insomnia.

4. With Yoga you Live in the present

One of the many benefits of yoga is the ability to unplug, and focus on what’s going on in your body and in your life right now. We can often be so consumed in over-thinking what’s happening in our daily lives, (who said what, what did so and so think of us)? that it can be hard to switch off. When you practise yoga, even in a group setting, it is just you and the practise. There is no one else asking for your attention, sharing their opinions, or interrupting you, Your yoga time belongs to you, and you alone. It’s proven that as you observe your breath, it will slow down. And as the breath slows down, the mind will follow suit, taking you into a restful but aware state. This will recharge the mind and can help with more mindful mental clarity and creativity.

5. Yoga helps you Get Stronger

Practising postures such as Downward Dog and the Plank make a major difference in your stamina, strength, and flexibility. Yoga is a full-body workout, it targets all the muscles of the body with both dynamic movements and static holds. Because you’re supporting your own body weight, you’ll build functional strength in areas where you really need it.

6. Yoga increases mobility

We often talk about flexibility, but what’s really important is mobility – the functional flexibility that makes it easier to complete everyday movements like kneeling, bending or reaching.

7. Yoga could improve your sex life

Studies have shown that yoga increases levels of testosterone in the blood significantly which is correlated with increased sexual desire and activity in both men and women. Think about it, if you’re in tune with your body, improving your flexibility, strength, this can improve your mood, decrease depression and anxiety, and improving your overall health, which should improve your sex life?

8. Yoga can help relieve pain

Studies suggest that practicing yoga reduces pain for people with conditions such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, autoimmune diseases, hypertension as well as arthritis, neck and back pain.

9. Yoga helps with Weight management

And finally, you burn calories doing yoga. Even less vigorous styles of yoga can help control your weight by reducing stress. The general sense of wellbeing that yoga brings spills over to your everyday life, often bringing mindfulness to your eating habits.

So there you go, 9 reasons to try yoga.

If you’ve always thought yoga wasn’t for you, perhaps now you know the benefits, you’re up for giving it a try.


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