A Flexible Future

Nov 5, 2020 | Careers

As we enter a second period of lockdown, organisations large and small are once again looking at their flexible working arrangements.

In this article Emma Cleary, founder of Flexibility Matters shares her insight on the ‘must haves’ to make a success of flexible working.


Flexible Working is here to stay – make it work for your business


COVID-19 crisis has transformed the face of how we work for millions of people across many industries. With many businesses now taking on a more blended approach to remote and office-based work, ‘flexible working’ is well and truly here to stay.

The enforced need to adapt has fundamentally changed the way companies are managed, and has shown that many jobs can and are being done remotely and flexibly with part time or compressed working hours.

At Flexibility Matters we have been actively championing this way of working for the past 6 years,  and are uniquely positioned to resource for this new ‘normal’. Matching businesses with results-oriented professionals that need a flexible approach to their work hours, has meant that we know the key requirements for successful partnerships.

During the first lockdown period we launched a service specifically designed to help businesses maintain projects whilst teams were scattered or unable to work. This allowed experts in their field, such as Marketing, HR and Finance, Flexibility Matters Consultants to work on an agreed day rate and on continual rolling contracts.


Being able to adopt an agile mindset about how, where and when work happens has never been so important as it is now, but what else do we need to do to make this new flexible ‘normal’ work?

Here are Flexibility Matters top three must-haves:

Trust vs control.

Leadership must inspire trust by focusing on outputs (results) rather than hours worked and be clear on what the measures are.

Clear deliverables.

Have flexible working team charters, agreed by the teams themselves, based on what they need to deliver.

Flex enabling tech.

Optimise the use and training of Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Zoom, Open Chat etc, giving all the confidence to choose how best to achieve results.




More about Flexibility Matters

Flexibility Matters specialises in flexible working and, over the past 6 years, actively promoted that business change. If you’re looking to recruit flexibly or you’re a professional looking for a flexible career role, get in touch.



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