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Who we are.

Making midlife a powerful place to be.

Ask someone if they’re in their ‘midlife’ and you’ll probably get a snarky response. That’s because the associations with midlife are usually negative. We believe it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re not saying the changes that midlife brings don’t exist, but we’re confident that knowing what’s options are out there, taking control and making a plan, can make the midlife a positive and empowering place to be.

If you’re grappling with your own midlife monster, or want to get ahead of the game – we’re talking to you.

At The Midlife Hub, very simply, we want to help you prepare for and plan a balanced, action-based approach to your midlife.

So, how does it work?

We cover topics with our ‘midlife’ eye. From physical to emotional wellbeing, from money to menopause (and everything in-between).

And if you want to make some action (however big or small) you can search for trusted services, therapists, events and experiences in your local area.

Create your MidlifeMAP put your plan into action.

Our MidlifeMAP service helps you reflect on where you are now, and work out where you want to be. No algorithms, no canned responses. Just a personalised and confidential plan of what’s important for you.

And we wrap it up with a couple of next steps, so that you can start putting your plan into action.

Making your MidlifeMAP a reality

If you simply don’t have the time or energy to get started, let our concierge team do the leg work for you. We research and recommend trusted services that match your personal need and schedule.

We’ll set up introductions, book you into classes, find events or experiences. 

Leaving you the time and energy to get on with ‘doing’ the do.


Why are we different?

We think of ourselves as super connectors. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Thats where we come in. We bring the options together – and you decide what’s right for you

But we’re more than just talk – our rigorous 6 point check ensures the services we recommend are a trusted business who can back up their claims

We’re purpose led. We want to change the way we ALL see and prepare for midlife, making it a positive and empowering place to be

Social commitment

Why a social enterprise?

We’re on a mission to help people live their BEST midlife.

Because we believe what we’re doing will change societies narrative about midlife we’ve set ourselves up as a ‘for profit’ social enterprise, which means we commit to investing in:


ZAmplifying the midlife conversation

ZHelping midlife businesses to grow

Z Education & employment 

Quality control

Quality you can count on

The success of The Midlife Hub is built on trust.
We invite businesses to join us a Member, and to ensure they deliver an effective service we conduct our 6 point check so you can be confident they are:

Z   A service with substantiated benefits

Z  Sufficiently trained

Z  Ethical and legal

Z   Established and experienced

Z  Members of their governing bodies

Z  Financially viable

Members agree to meet The Midlife Hub Service Standard, and agree to have feedback from their customers posted on our site.


If you run a midlife business or event Click Here to find out how to join us.

Founders story

Our Story

The Midlife Hub is the brainchild of Co-founders Rosi Viljoen and Deb Pasley and was born out of personal experience and a shared desire to change the way we all think about ageing.

Deb and Rosi of Midlife Hub

Deb Pasley & Rosi Viljoen

Where did it all start?

Rosi: As with many great ideas, this one was sparked by a conversation over a coffee.
Deb: Our starting point was that midlife wasn’t just about one thing. Everyones experience is different and there are multiple changes you might expect in your midlife (anything from hormonal changes. to family dynamics to physical health or career goals). And it can often reach a ‘crisis’ point before you even realise where you are.

Rosi: And that’s where it begins to get tricky – no one tells you it’s coming, and when it does, where do you go to get trusted support and information?
Deb: In our market research*, 84% of our respondents said they relied on friends and family or google for recommendations. Getting a balanced view takes effort, and involves wading through lots of different sites all of which are written from different perspectives. Then you need to work out how to find the service you need; how do you trust or select them?
Rosi: The reality is, there are lots of local businesses who can offer practical support. We decided to model the business on what we’d have liked to have existed when we were looking for midlife support.

What is your vision?

Deb: We want our message to be empowering. Yes, facing the thought of being at the mid-point of your life can be rubbish and scary; but if you plan ahead and stay informed there are things you can do that could make it exciting and positive.
Rosi: Our philosophy is to never ‘sell at’ people. We’re more about trying something new, rather than buying cure-all products, and we’ve been mindful about including choices that suit a range of pockets.
Deb: Everyone is welcome regardless of gender identity, race, religious belief. We want to make it easy by bringing together people, straight talking information, and services. We want to encourage people to take action, by having services to choose from at their finger tips. And we’ve designed the business with an eye to accessibility.

And why you?

Deb: Why not? Between us we’ve got a wide experience including; Marketing, Branding, Partnership management, Commercial negotiations, Servicing and Operational management, and with over 50+ years between us in FT100 companies, we’re confident we can build a credible, successful business

What do you love about creating The Midlife Hub?

Rosi: Honestly, I love creating something of value. Building this business has given me so much energy. The idea’s been so well received in the local community and we’ve met so many amazing small business owners – they are our inspiration
Deb: It’s so exciting to know our social commitment will help people & businesses grow. To help people grab the opportunities of mid life, rather than see it as something negative and pretend it won’t happen to them. And for business to really value and empower the large section of their workforce

Whats your midlife secret?

Deb: Ask for and accept help! There is no one solution. Give yourself permission to try things without expectation or judgement. It’s not about doing the right thing, its having experiences that allow you to review your life so far and make positive choices about what you want to be / do / achieve in the next 20 years.
Rosi: Everyones different, but for me, it about actively investing in my emotional wellbeing. For me this can be as simple as marking a day on the calendar each month where I head to the hills with a friend and my dogs and walk all day, and talk and talk. Its like fitness and therapy rolled into one. Theres something about being up high, surrounded by green that totally re-energises me

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay?

Theres no charge to use The Midlife Hub. You can use our Member listing (FIND), engage on our forum, CONNECT, find current info and thinking on LEARN. You will need to register for an account to participate in the CONNECT forum, and to leave a Member review.

Our Midlife MAP service is also FREE of charge. But, you can choose to pay for our Navigator service, if you’d like some extra support in bringing your Midlife MAP to life. This is an additional service and totally optional. You choose.

Why are there only a few Members listed in my area?

We’re starting small but thinking BIG. We’re in a ‘pilot’ phase for 2020, building up our Member listing.

How can I leave feedback on a Member?

You can leave a review on the services you used. We spot check these reviews to ensure all feedback comes back genuine customers. You’ll need to register for an account, or log in to leave a review.

How do you handle complaints?

When you’ve used a service we encourage you to give us your feedback – the reviews you provide will help other mid-lifers find the service that’s right for them.

At The Midlife Hub we offer you Member suggestions but ultimately the service you pay them for is not delivered by us.

If you have a complaint about a Member, we’re on hand to help find a resolution. You can email customerservice@themidlifehub.com

Why do I need to log in?

We’ll ask you to register, or log in to use our CONNECT Forum, Post reviews on our Members and receive ‘The Mid-lifer’ our regular eNewsletter.

We’ll never ask for more data than we need and promise never to sell your data to other businesses. We’re committed to protecting the privacy of our Members and Customers alike. See our privacy policy.

How do I contact you?
We’re designing a Hub that works for you. We’re always open to feedback and suggestions. If there something we’re not doing or topics you want us to cover

Email hello@themidlifehub.com (Or email us anyway, we love what we’re doing and always happy to chat)

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