Are you Happy with Your Job?


Asking yourself “is this as good as it gets” is really common when you’re in your midlife. Now is the right time to think about your options

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What is a Career Coach?

A Career Coach is someone professionally qualified to support and guide you to identify a future career path that suits and fulfils you. Career coaches can work with you at any point in your career; their role is to encourage you to work out the best way forward for you and help you to create a plan with action steps which might include a career change.


Why bother?

By the time you’re in your midlife you’ve probably been working for 25+ years. You may be feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. Career Coaches can bring an external perspective, a fresh point of view you to inspire you to understand what you want out of your career at this point in your life, help you define your goals and create an actionable plan to get you there.


What do I need to know?

Career Coaching will help you identify your career goals, develop a strategy and importantly, provide accountability as you move along the path to achieving your goals. Your career coach will use proven listening and querying techniques to support you as you find your own answers. Career Coaches work with you to guide you in clarifying your career purpose and values and aligning them with other aspects of your life: a healthy career can have a direct, positive effect on all the areas of your life and the people around.


The bottom line

Engaging a Career Coach is an investment in your future. They are specialists in their field who are wholeheartedly committed to your goals and meeting your particular needs. The power of coaching comes from enabling you to find your own way. Career Coaches focus on helping you achieve your personal definition of success.

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