CrunchyTales, redefining midlife one illustration at a time

We're huge (huge, huge) fans of CrunchyTales®, the digital magazine that combines straight talking news and inspiration with gorgeous, eye catching  illustrations. What we love is the powerful message that threads through-out the magazine about redefining the idea of...

Overcoming the Terror of Midlife

Overcoming the Terror of Midlife. Does the thought of being in your midlife terrify you? In this article, Niru Subramanian, founder of The Inclusive Coach, shares a very candid and powerful reflection on her own midlife journey.   About two years ago, I had a...

Harness the Power of Midlife

Harness the Power of Midlife In this article our Member Lucinda Leo, founder of Giraffe Life, cognitive hypnotherapy and coaching, tells us Why we need to harness the power of Midlife crises (And Stop Calling Them Crises) If there was one thing I was sure of in my...

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