The Comedy Midlife A-Z

Jun 3, 2020 | Mental Wellbeing

Your route through the rocky road ahead.

Feeling a bit lost? Have you still got it, but can’t remember where you put it? Whether you are losing your hair, losing your mojo or simply losing your car keys The Comedy Midlife A-Z will help you make sense of where you are on the midlife road.

Dave Streeter was surprised to find that he seemed to have become middle aged, and wonders when it happened. To help others who find that the midlife has sneaked up on them he released a his Comedy Midlife A-Z (Male Edition) styled like the old London A-Z, guiding us through the midlife with a smile.

Packed with cartoons and midlife signage to point you in the right direction – this could be the perfect gift for all the midlife men in your life.

When a book starts with ‘A is for Alcohol’ we know we’ve come to the right place.

Dave tell us “It’s easy to poke fun at us Midlifers but my idea was to have a positive spin throughout the book, so I came up with a ‘Midlife Saver’ to go on every page, with little tips and tricks I’ve learnt along the way to make navigating this tricky period in life a tad more pleasurable, all with an added comedy slant admittedly”.

Many of the challenges on the road ahead are going to test your patience, your nerves  (not to mention your bladder), so grab those Wethers and buckle up.


David Streeter is an award-winning photographer based in Brighton & Hove, UK. He’s just been shortlisted in the 2020 Sunday Times Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards (Whoop, whoop) having twice been Commended and a Judge’s Choice before. He’s shot on location for Virgin Holidays. His landscapes have sold at local galleries and at his own Artists Open House shows with Jimmy Sommerville being one of his patrons.

(c) Jim Browne for the cartoons
Steve Swingler Creative for the road sign graphics


Comedy Midlife A-Z


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