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In this article, Tineke Tammes, founder of Tineke Tammes Coaching, and member of The Midlife Hub, explains how her coaching programme has helped more than 50 women during lockdown to get clearer on next steps in their career. And how mid-life is the best time to start considering how you want to use all your experience and strengths in something that is important to you.


Will 2020 be the year you create the career you love?


How are you feeling about your career?

Women in my coaching programme ‘Coaching during lockdown’ told me they felt frustrated, overwhelmed, undervalued. They were routinely overlooked for promotions, were micro-managed, were under-used, didn’t enjoy their jobs very much and were losing confidence in their own ability as a result.

In my coaching programme I start with asking about emotions. Because emotions are important. Emotions give you a first indication that things are not right. Listening to and understanding your emotions help you to get clearer on what is bothering you. On what is important to you. On what you need.

Because if you don’t start with emotions, but instead get on with the ‘nuts and bolts’ of career change, you might never know what the root cause is of your frustration.

Why mid-life is the best time to think about making changes to your career.

Mid-life is typically a time when we start thinking at the rest of our career with a sense of urgency. On one hand the retirement age is moving up and up, still giving us 20 or more years of work. On the other hand we are feeling a sense of urgency, of not getting any younger and time running out.

But what mid-life is really all about is about freedom. About freedom to do what you want. To use all that experience that you’ve gained during the first half of your career, and use your strengths to the benefit of the greater good AND to enjoy it too!

So, what are the things you want to do?

Women in my coaching programme told me they want:

Intellectual challenge. To start their own business. To write and publish a book. To travel. To do something creative. To have sufficient money and/or a house in the country. To help people. To make a contribution and have an impact. To have an adventure. To have a life of freedom, sun, sea and people.

Things you don’t get from staying put.

And in an uncertain world, with more working from home and connectivity everywhere, there’s no better time than now to think about what you want to do next in your career.

So, the two main questions to answer are:
What makes for a fulfilling career – for you?
How can I overcome that’s what’s stopping me from achieving that?

What makes for a fulfilling career?

Three elements are vital for a fulfilling career: meaning, flow and freedom.

According to Roman Krznaric’s book Creating a Fulfilling Career meaning can come from using your strengths, following your interests, making a difference, and yes, also from status and money (although the two latter ones are contributing less to your happiness in the long run).

Flow is the state of feeling completely absorbed in a challenging task that requires all your attention. Achieving this state contributes greatly to your happiness.

And finally freedom. Freedom from being micro-managed. Freedom to know that you can wait for a delivery and get your washing machine fixed without feeling pressured to be in an office from 9 to 5. Freedom to run your own business. Freedom means different things for different people.

And all of this means that it has to start with you! It starts with finding out what is important to you, what motivates you and what you’re best at.

What’s stopping you?

The London School of Business and Finance did a study about career change. It found that the barriers to career change were: people enjoyed their current job (even though they didn’t like their career overall), they felt insecure about money, they weren’t clear on what they wanted to do next and didn’t know how to go about it.

And yes, these are all valid reasons that stop people making a change. However, what I found is that there are two other reasons why experienced professional women don’t make a change:

Women are not clear on what their emotions are telling them. Often they have not listened to their emotions, went against what they knew to be right, and are now struggling to (as one of my clients put it) get their heads ‘out of the fog’.
Women struggle to see what their biggest strengths are. Or are worried about articulating them clearly.

Which is why clarifying your emotions and uncovering and articulating your strengths in a way that feels authentic to you are such key elements to my coaching.

How career coaching can help.

Career coaching can help you get clear on the next steps in your career. This might be setting up your own business, or making your way up or move sideways in your current career, or might mean making your way into an entirely different career!

Career coaching for women can help you navigate some of the challenges that women encounter in the workplace.

Career coaching for experienced professional women helps you to use the experience you gained in your career and bring that with you to a career that suits you.

Career coaching with someone who has worked in change for such a long time means that I know that change is going to be scary. And I also know about the tactics you can use to support yourself (and people around you!) during – what is likely to be – an emotional journey! I know, because I’ve been there. I’ve supported thousands of people through change, and have been through considerable career changes myself!

So, what next?

My ‘Coaching during lockdown’ programme has now finished (as has lockdown?). But it lives on in my ‘Creating Career Ideas’ online course, which helps you to get from ‘I don’t know what I want to do next’ to ‘I now have three distinct ideas for next steps in my career’.

If you are interested in taking time to think about your career in your own time, this might well be the course for you!

And what’s more – exclusive to The Midlife Hub – Tineke is offering a FREE 30 minute coaching session for all women who buy the ‘Creating Career Ideas’ course BEFORE 5pm (BST) on Friday 17th July 2020.

Simply register for the course before 5pm on Friday 17th July 2020, and then contact Tineke to book your FREE 30 minute session.


More About Tineke Tammes

Tineke Tammes, founder of Tineke Tammes Coaching specialises in supporting experienced professional women in creating the career they love. Tineke has over 25 years corporate experience, the last 12 of which as a Business Change Manager coaching and supporting people through – often impactful – organisational changes.
She is an ICF Certified Professional Coach and works independently as a Career Coach and as a Career Transition Coach for an outplacement organisation.


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