Dancing with Fear and Confidence

Nov 20, 2020 | Mental Wellbeing | 0 comments

Dancing with Fear and Confidence; how to liberate yourself and your career in mid-life. By Laura Walker

Earlier this month one of our members, Laura Walker published her new book, Dancing with fear and confidence. We got a sneak preview and in this post we want to share our first impressions.

First things first

We loved the title! It spoke to us straight away and encapsulates one of the core feelings of midlife. That vulnerable balancing of emotions and self belief.

What’s the book about?

The book takes you on a journey of understanding and discovery in to how to liberate yourself and your career in mid-life. Recognising that many of us don’t know what we want and that feeling of not knowing in itself can feel like a failure or pressure.

What the book contains:

The book begins with a comprehensive exploration of the challenges of midlife and career development. This combines research insights around personal, social and institutional challenges and opportunities with a practical focus on the personal implications for the reader.

Then the various dynamics that either trap or liberate mid lifers are explored in detail.

Finally, in depth, practical activities take the reader on their own journey of discovery: exploring and making sense of the measuring of their current career and equipping them with powerful tools to create the future they wish to enjoy.

What did we love about it?

For us it was instantly relatable. From the very first page you can identify with both Laura and the content. The writing is accessible and energetic but reassuringly grounded in a wealth of research (just take a look at the 6 pages of 122 references!)

We learnt so much, and we’re inspired to learn more. It was particularly refreshing to read about knowing yourself and that we are not just one self, but many mini selves.
It’s definitely a book that we will keep referring to. Dipping back in to further develop our understanding as we do our own dance.


Buy Dancing with fear and confidence HERE



Watch our conversation with Laura about her book


More about Laura Walker

Laura Walker combines a powerful, diverse experience of corporate life with her award winning research work. Her current work is a portfolio of writing, speaking, coaching and consulting :championing fulfilling midlife careers for individuals and businesses.


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