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These days we’re spoilt by the number of events out there. Some will be free, some will have a charge, some will be just a couple of hours long and some take place over several days. We all want to spend our time and money wisely, so how do you choose?

Why bother?

If you’re shelling out to attend, surely it’s got to be about enjoying yourself and learning something new? Attending an event can be about sharing an experiences with friends, making new connections, learning something new, or getting a fresh perspective.
For us the best kind of event is where we leave having learnt some thing new and come away feeling energised and inspired

What do I need to know?

Its important to know what to expect before booking you place. Workshop style events will involve some type of participation. For seminar-style events look out for topics or speakers that interest you. And be prepared. Check out what’s included in the cost like lunch and drinks. Theres not much sadder than a few limp sandwiches when you’d thought you were getting a fully catered lunch

The bottom line

Think about what you want to get out of it. Are you looking to learn a new skill, understand a specific topic, or just in it for the goody bag? Whatever you want, attending an event put together by experts in their field could go a long way to expanding your horizons


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