Medicinal Trees

Jun 13, 2020 | Physical Wellbeing

Medicinal Trees.

Julia Behrens, Medicinal Herbalist, and Member of The Midlife Hub, shares her expert knowledge of the medicinal properties of certain trees.


Whilst walking in woodland, Julia tells us how she draws both on traditional medical beliefs and modern scientific research to help heal patients using specific parts of trees such as lime flowers, oak bark and hawthorn berries. Julia also speaks about how plant utilisation and conservation need to co-exist.



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More about Julia Behrens

Julia Behrens, Herbal Consultant brings Support during the midlife; helping improve the body’s own natural ability to heal itself by using herbs, nutrition and life style changes.
Julia Behrens is a Medical Herbalist who works in GP surgeries and specialises in womens health and Lyme disease.
Julia is available for one-to-one sessions in supporting individual or group workshops.

Julia is a one of the UK’s most highly respected Medical Herbalists. Practicing for over 20 years she has taught at the School of Herbal Medicine and East London and Westminster Universities, appeared on Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped, various radio programmes, and conferences, consulted for the WWF, Plantlife and Neal’s Yard and published articles and research papers.


What is a Herbalist?

Herbalists treat the person rather than the symptom. They carry out detailed consultations to establish the underlying cause of symptoms and use plants whose traditional uses are often backed up by modern scientific research and clinical trials. Herbalists prescribe herbal remedies which can be used alongside other medication and treatments, although care must be taken to ensure that they do not interfere with any other treatment



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