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Nicki Philips is the founder of the fabulous health & fitness brand niix. We were delighted to sit down over a virtual coffee to find about more about her, and the community she’s created.


Tell us about niix; what’s your mission?

niix is a health & fitness brand offering live and on-demand workouts via the niix app as well as online and social platforms. niix aims to educate and inspire women through key stages of their life, motherhood, menopause and the challenges of mid-life and beyond. niix offers a well rounded approach to health and wellbeing together with nutrition advice, specific advice for women and lifestyle tips.

We have created a like-minded community of women who talk about anything from exercise, nutrition, mental health, fashion and lifestyle.

There are many apps appealing to the 25-35 year old market but once we have children and/or hit mid-life we don’t necessarily aspire to the younger bikini body images being publicised by these brands. We have busier lives, perhaps more senior jobs and a family to care for and entertain. Time is limited and although we still want to look good and feel great, we need to work-out more efficiently & effectively.

The niix app has over 300 classes both live and pre-recorded all ranging from 10-40 mins to fit around a busy schedule. The brand offers tailored Pilates, HIIT, Barre, Dance, Yoga & resistance programmes using weights & bands; all of which are  suitable for ANY level. niix aims to create a fitness habit that lasts.

The mission is simply to educate and empower more women to lead a healthy and more active lifestyle and to encourage them to prepare themselves mentally and physically for what’s to come.

Why did you set about creating it?

I’d been teaching in my studio for many years and have some incredible clients who had achieved amazing results through my teaching. Many had come to me after trying other exercise disciplines and never really felt like they were truly reaching their goals. I wanted to reach & inspire more women having already helped so many of them get back in shape after pregnancy, or help them increase their body confidence and fitness and even managing to relieve menopausal symptoms – so the idea came naturally and grew quite organically from the start.

What do you love about what you do?

I love exercising (obviously!!) but particularly Pilates, with its in-depth techniques and principles. I look to take these across all of the exercise disciplines I teach, which I have found gives far better results, in less time. It truly is an incredible way to train. But most of all, I love hearing from the niix community. Our niixers are so dedicated and such an inspiration to each other.  It is an amazing support network for all involved. We get such lovely feedback, just recently we did a survey about the menopause and it was amazing to see how much positive feedback we got for talking so openly about what is still seen as such a taboo subject.

What’s the biggest challenge in what you do?

The niix brand extends across many spaces, with one area being live events and retreats. This has had to go on the back burner for the moment, however whilst the current situation persists, we have managed to create and offer online options as an alternative. These have been hugely popular and we will continue with these. Being nimble and having the ability to continually change has been really important.

What do you know now that you wish you’d known in your twenties?

Never to let self-doubt stop you doing what you really believe in. Always listen to your gut – it is generally right!

Do you have a mantra that has guided you more than any other?

Listen to your body and give it what it needs. It is our responsibility to nurture and look after our bodies…it’s the only one we have.

What’s your midlife secret?

There’s a few!  But my top two would be:
One, always keep hydrated….water is more than just quenching thirst, all of our cells & organs need water to function. Water helps lubricate joints, plumps and hydrates cells, delivers blood to cells which can increase performance and overall wellbeing, reduces headaches, improves digestion, increases cognitive function, regulates temperature, allows the body to access minerals and nutrients and much more. It is essential for overall health and wellbeing.

The other would be to try and take 10-30mins a day for yourself.  Whether it is to exercise, take a bath, read a few pages of a book or just sit and drink a herbal tea, it really helps with productivity.  It may seem counterintuitive & a little unproductive to take ‘timeout’ but it actually has the opposite effect. It can refresh and reset your mind, enabling you to increase productivity and improve your overall wellbeing.





More about niix

niix is a health & fitness brand, offering workouts via the niix app, online and social platforms, (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter along with nutrition, women specific advice and lifestyle. niix aims to educate and inspire women through key stages of their life motherhood, menopause and the challenges of mid-life and beyond.


Download the niix APP here; on Apple or Android



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