Time to Get Active?


 Need some motivation and advice on how to get fit? Some 1-1 help could be just what you need

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What is a Personal Trainer?

Personal trainers are qualified fitness professionals who help people pursue a healthy lifestyle and achieve your personal health and fitness goals


Why bother?

Many people approach exercise as another chore on their endless to-do list. However, taking an unplanned approach to fitness often yields limited results. Personal trainers will develop a personalised workout routine, meal plan, and overall strategy to help you achieve your goals



What do I need to know?

Not all personal trainers are created equal. Literally anyone can call themselves a personal trainer, but to be ‘qualified’ in the UK, they should hold a Level 3 Personal Training Certificate or Diploma which is accredited by the Registry of Exercise Professionals (REPs)
Some trainers are affiliated with a gym, whilst others have an independent practice. Typically they’ll offer one-on-one or small group sessions


The bottom line

First you need to establish exactly what you want to achieve, and it’s important to find the motivation style that suits you. All trainers vary in their approach and the key to success is to find a working style that suits you


If you have any health conditions or injuries, you should seek advice from a medical professional before trying any new exercise


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