Progress Update; my 90 day plan

Sep 29, 2020 | Menopause, Physical Wellbeing

Follow along with the 90 day plan; an online exercise & nutrition programme designed for women in the menopause.


After my first 7 days on the plan, here is my first progress update.


Overall I’m happy with how things have gone this week. It has been a little bit of a mental battle at times and I have not stuck to the plan fully, but I am not beating myself up about that!

I have made positive changes and feel I have started to make progress. So here is my summary of what’s worked and what I’ve learned.

What’s gone well…

The exercises in cycle 1 are split into 5 individual days, with 2 rest days. The exercises are easy to follow and work well wherever you can do them in your home.  Simple equipment and with Liv’s encouraging commentary the sessions went by quickly. Approx 30 mins.

I have reduced my caffeine & alcohol intake by introducing lemon tea in the morning and herb; / fruit teas through the day.  Reduced red meat and saturated fats and have introduced new foods to my palette. Not sure sweet potato and courgette count as being too brave yet though.

The re feed days definitely help !  I absolutely took advantage of these and timed them for when I was eating out with friends and most likely to have a drink.

What have I learned?…

 – Adapt

When you start a new plan your motivation is ‘high’ and you launch in with good intent to see it though. The reality for me is that despite good intentions, changing everything at once is too hard. Especially with family life going on as ‘normal’.

It’s at this point when it’s so tempting to just give up but perseverance prevailed and I just gave myself permission to ease into the programme my way. I also knew Liv was on hand to chat to if needed.

– Find the right time

My biggest challenge is getting into a routine. I am a bit of a butterfly and get distracted away from my intended plan easily. I had scheduled to do my expertises every morning before breakfast (but after my lemon tea). This didn’t  always happen as the opportunity to go for a Sea swim or the need to take my dog for a walk meant the mornings ran away from me and I found it harder to come back to the exercises later on. So for now the plan is… tea, dog walk, exercises.

– Don’t do nothing

linked to the above, rest days don’t help with getting into a habit, I found it hard to start again the next day. I know muscles need a rest but I am planning to do something in that 30 min slot so I build the routine.. Yoga is my plan.

– One bit at time

The diet plan didn’t get going, the menu suggestions are good but I needed more structure and although the shopping list was useful, I needed to know quantities. So  for week 2 I am going to  sit down and actually create a weekly menu, which I can then shop to. This also helps me look forward to what’s coming up.

The other challenge for me was changing my diet and giving up a few things (apart from the re-feed days). I gave myself permission to change things slowly and build up. This is a 90 day programme after all. Yes I will get better results if I stick to the plan but if I don’t stay on the plan then it won’t work at all. So this week has been about reducing rather than removing.

Over the coming weeks I will look to reduce further and replace with new discoveries. I just can’t give up cheese overnight !

And yes Liv I will look at vegan options too…


Read our introduction to the 90 day plan HERE


More about Livia Francis.

After 31 years in the health and fitness industry Livia has diversified part of her business into advising women on menopause, and created Menopause Lifestyle Solution and her 90 day plan. Menopause is prevalent, topical and vital to ‘understand’ with women being an ever-increasing percentage of the workforce, at all levels of business.

Government menopause health coaching projects are part of Livia’s vast array of services as well as hosting regular TV ‘health news’ with Latest TV. Livia is a Podcast host, blogger and vlogger & writes editorial content for ‘Sliver Magazine’. Livia also presents the “Menopause Minutes’ – a YouTube series discussing symptoms of menopause, and how to ease them naturally.

Livia is currently hosting online and countrywide workshops in menopause exercise with her team of menopause ambassadors.

Livia has five titles in the competitive fitness world and is a Pro-athlete and coach.



90 Day Plan Disclaimer:
This article is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice and diagnosis and does not constitute medical advice. If you are concerned about any change in your mental or physical health you should contact your health professional straight away.


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