The Joy of Aerial Circus

Oct 17, 2020 | Physical Wellbeing | 0 comments

Are you the kind of person who wants to look their middle years in the eye and blow a raspberry at it? asks Amanda Miles, founder of My Aerial Home.

In this article she tells us why mid-lifers are finding joy in swinging from their ankles on a rope, at her amateur aerial circus.



Find your tribe. It could be crochet, cupcakes, or crack cocaine but when you find your people it brings about that feeling of contentment, you have arrived Home. That’s why I called my business My Aerial Home.

If we are your tribe, you will find a sense of belonging, at last you have met the other maverick individuals who used to hang upside down as children, flashing their pants without a care or obsessively climbing, or throwing shapes on the swings then, at the highest point of the swing, launching into the air before landing with a flourish, to inaudible applause.

Is this you? Come and join our world of amateur aerial circus!

Learning an aerial circus skill over the age of 40 is a bold and impressive statement about who you are and your attitude to life.
Your everyday existence might not allow you to live the cliché (run away and join the circus) but l you can smother yourself in sequins and fly around your circus mind palace by enrolling in an adult evening aerial class.

Some mid-lifers want to terrify themselves to get fit. They are intent on finding the muscles they lost giving birth or reverse the bingo wing effect of age and regain control not only of their bodies but their sense of who they are and who they want to be. When you regain physical strength, you gain mental strength and reignite your resilience.

For many the thought of hot flushing around the gym doesn’t hold much appeal but the physical challenge of dropping, rolling, beating and folding around aerial equipment in a series of shapes and moves allows their creative side to be fulfilled whilst their muscles are confused into submission.

What is lovely about working with mature people is that they expect to be, well…crap. Mid-lifers have either given up on, or realised there is no art or fun in, perfection. And, in all honesty, the physical state they are in, being able to get on the equipment is a win. Millennials and Zoomers want to be good at everything…. NOW! Without any effort, practice or thought and if they cannot do something then what is the secret ‘thing’ you AREN’T TELLING ME! But folk of a certain age are just amazed how much they can do!

For some people you are making their dreams come true. Access to learning aerial circus is a relatively new fitness form. Circus classes were not available to them as children and they want to embrace the experience and be as good as they can be.

Our clients are not just one type of person (although accountants and lawyers are particularly good at silks) they come from all walks of life. Undertakers, vets’ assistants, artists, musicians, IT consultants, insurance people, parents, grandparents, some men but mainly women. Nothing really links them but when they join a class, they have joined our tribe…and they can breathe a sigh of relief, they have found their people!



More About My Aerial Home.

My Aerial Home is a large, airy and well-equipped aerial circus training space that welcomes people who want to look their middle years in the eye and blow a raspberry at it.

As we mature the need to maintain, strengthen and build our muscles and increase flexibility is ever more important. When you train in aerial circus you will want to build strength and flexibility to achieve the tricks, spins, drops and rolls that make up the core moves in each discipline. The classes are creative as well as fitness based and will combine conditioning and creative movement.

It doesn’t matter what age you start – you could finally fulfil your ambition to try flying trapeze, train in aerial silks or swing from your ankle on a rope, at My Aerial Home we have an aerial circus skill for everyone. Most people join us in their 40’s and we have some members joining in their 70’s!

When your body starts to regain or build strength, you begin to bolster your brain capacity. Aerial training is a fun form of fitness that will give you confidence as you move towards your middle years.
Let aerial training change your life.

Try Out Tuesday 1 Hour – £12

Flying Trapeze – £35



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