Find your Midlife Style


It’s a fine line between ‘muttony’ and looking older than your time. Find the style that suits you now

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What is a stylist?

A personal stylist typically works one-one-one to advise on fashion trends, clothing styles and make up that work for you.

Why bother?

It’s normal that over time our sense of style will change, (and in all likelihood our body shape will too). Being happy and comfortable with your ‘look’ can boost your energy and confidence.

What do I need to know?

A stylist will usually charge a one off fee to help you edit your wardrobe, review your shopping habits or even come shopping with you. (Remember you pay their fee and for anything you buy).

The bottom line

You need to be clear on what you expect to get out of the experience and your budget. And don’t be offended if they suggest something doesn’t suit you – trust them, they’ve got your best interest at heart.

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