Why should you invest in YOU?

Aug 3, 2020 | Mental Wellbeing, Money Matters | 0 comments

Why should you invest in you in midlife?

It’s a good question! Like all good investments, it’s about maximising your return. Wait ! Keep reading, this is not a treatise on financial yield. The great news is that investing in your midlife doesn’t have to be about money either.

To invest can mean “devoting time effort or energy into something with the expectation of a worthwhile result”.

That something is you and the result is the experiences and memories you create during your lifetime.

Why is midlife special?

Midlife isn’t totally unique. Throughout our lives we should be; practicing self care, thinking about our needs, wants and aspirations. When we are little, we think about what we want to be when we grow up. As we grow [age] we should continue to dream and make those dreams real. However, in your midlife, your body & mind throw in a few curve balls to make it more interesting; hormonal changes, reduced function and flexibility to name just a few.

It’s no secret; we are living longer and the retirement age is ebbing further away into the world of fantasy. We need to keep going for longer. That may mean reinventing ourselves and our careers several times. Making the most of midlife can be the key to avoiding burn out and actually creating energy and new adventures.

Midlife happens to people in different ways there isn’t one set experience. But there are commonalities, common traits, common experiences. Generations of people have lived through this before us but we don’t appear to learn from them. Instead we ignore it, don’t talk about it and pretend the ‘crisis’ is not going to happen to us.

One thing that COVID-19 has taught us is that life can change dramatically very quickly. Sometimes because of things out of our control or it could be because we’ve changed. If we don’t pay attention we loose the things we have worked hard to achieve, the things we care about and ourselves. But we also risk missing out on new experiences and opportunities.

Here at The Midlife Hub we believe that being actively aware of what is important to you and how midlife can affect you, means you can plan ahead and give yourself the best chance of making it a positive, empowering time of transformation. It’s all too easy to just be on the daily treadmill of work, eat, sleep, repeat and realise that years have gone by and that it’s maybe too late to do some of the things that you would’ve liked to do.

The first step is always the hardest!

Yep, it’s absolutely true. For many people knowing what you want to achieve is for many people the hardest bit. Some people are blessed with knowing what they want and need but in my experience most of us just winging it, making it up as we go along.

If you are with me in the later group, then starting by thinking about where you are now can give you an indication as to where to go next. We found inspiration in the dictionary [again].

“The word crisis comes from the Greek to separate, to sift which means to pass judgement to keep only what is worthwhile. There is an opportunity in every crisis and the deeper the crisis the better the opportunity can be but some people are not capable of seeing it”

At The Midlife Hub we champion the idea and want to encourage you to invest in you. We have created the Midlife MAP® and our human navigators can help you start yours. (No algorithms here). You can book a free consultation here. On average it takes 30 minutes to take that first step.
It’s a simple process to help you; reflect on what makes you happy, prioritise what’s important to you, identify things you want to achieve and to take positive steps to make it happen. We all need to plan and think ahead so that we can avoid some surprises but if they do happen we can respond quickly and see the opportunity.

So why should you invest in you? Because really we are the only thing we’ve got. We are our most prized asset and if you don’t invest in you, then what’s the point of investing in anything.

Take care of you.
Take time to think about what you want and need.
Take action to make it happen.

What’s stopping you from investing in your midlife?



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