Take the Plunge


Be brave and take a dip in the sea, a lake or a river – it could do wonders for your mood

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What is Wild Swimming?

‘Wild’ swimming or ‘open water’ swimming, is the practise of swimming in a natural body of water such as a river lake or sea. A recent study by the British Medical Journal proved the positive impact that wild swimming can have on mental health


Why is Wild Swimming good for you?

Open Water swimming can actively boost levels of the happy hormones in our bodies. One study found that cold water immersion can boost dopamine levels (the neurotransmitter that helps us experience pleasure) by 530%


What do I need to know?

There are numerous groups you can join (usually free of charge) who’ll offer local insights and encouragement


The bottom line

Common sense rules. Don’t swim alone, and if you have any health conditions always check with a medical professional before you take the plunge


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